How did Biden win the U.S. election


By winning Pennsylvania, Joe Biden won a majority of the electoral college voteto become the next president, awaiting any legal challenges.

The victory in Pennsylvania gave Biden 20 votes to the electoral college, bringing his total to 273 and exceeding the 270 votes needed to win the election.

Under the U.S. system, it is not the total number of votes that determines the winner of the race to the White House, but depends on a specific division of the number of votes obtained by candidates in each state, known as the electoral college.

The electoral college is a 538-member electorate that is responsible for selecting the president.

They are selected by the number of members of the House of Representatives for each state, which reflects the state's population, as well as the equal number of senators for each state. The electoral college also includes three representatives from Washington, D.C.

The State of California, for example, is the largest in terms of population, which is evident in the number of its representatives in the electoral college, where it has 55 members.

In general, the state grants all the votes of its electoral college to those who receive a majority of the votes of ordinary voters in the state.

For example, with a Republican candidate winning 50.1% of the vote in Texas, he gets all 38 votes from the state's electoral college.

Only two states (Maine and Nebraska) divide the electoral college's votes by the percentage of votes received by each candidate.

The distribution of electoral council members to the states of the country explains the fact that in some cases it is the winner of the electoral race who has won fewer votes.

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