Trump offers his plane for sale and the price is tempting - أخبار التعليم اليوم

Trump offers his plane for sale and the price is tempting



Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump introduced his private S-76B, which gained fame in trump's 2016 campaign ads, worth more than $1.5 million, or 23 million Egyptian pounds.

Sky News quoted Newsweek as saying that the announcement of the sale of the helicopter was published without a fixed price on the aero-asts and Jet Edge Partners trading platforms.

Trump offered the plane for sale days after his rival Joe Biden was announced as president of the United States.

Trump Plane Features 

The helicopter, built in 1989, features a six-seater interior with a soundproof system, a refrigerator and a bar for drinks, and Trump has three helicopters and a number of private jets.

Henger has been living in New Jersey and has not been boarded by Trump for the past four years, due to his use of the White House helicopter.

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